Entries by Kim Troy

Focused Lead Generation Drives Growth

Our client, a business-to-business solutions provider, relied on organic lead generation to grow the business.  However, with plans to accelerate growth, this would not deliver the results.  Several approaches were tried without the desired outcomes. First a SEO campaign was initiated to jump start leads; it was costly and generated unqualified inquiries which required the […]

Effective SEO Campaign Drives Cases

Our client, a reputable civil litigation law firm, had undertaken a costly SEO campaign through a digital marketing agency, expecting to generate desirable cases. The SEO campaign setup took several months, and when inquiries finally came in, they were not for the kinds of cases our client desired. What’s more, the digital agency spent a […]

Enhance Brand Awareness and Reputation

A global shipping and logistics company was operating without a dedicated, in-house marketing team. The communications team, already spread thin by the demands of internal communications for three shipping terminals, was expected to handle marketing and PR as well. Civilis became their outsourced strategic marketing partner, and through a variety of PR initiatives, social media […]

Go-to-Market Strategy for Expanding Footprint

An innovative Cleveland-based memory care company was growing rapidly and had plans to open a new facility in Central Ohio. While the company had a well-established reputation in Cleveland, the principals faced the challenge of entering a market where they were relatively unknown. We designed a relationship-based sales and marketing strategy that would set them […]

Relationship-Based Talent Acquisition

Our client, a national financial services wirehouse, tasked its branch managers and executive directors with recruiting financial advisors with robust books of business to their respective branches. The challenges were threefold: First, the people in those roles were already hard-pressed to meet the many operational demands of running a branch. Second, these markets are extremely […]

Repositioning for Talent Acquisition and Retention

Collection agencies have a reputation for toxic culture and high-pressure work environments. Our client, a collection agency with a unique and compassionate approach to collections, was struggling to attract people with the right temperament and values. Posting on digital job boards led to a high volume of unqualifies applicants. HR and hiring managers were overwhelmed […]

Relationships Crucial to Expanding Market

The Founder & CEO of a rapidly growing creative design firm and her partner were the sole drivers of client acquisition for their company. This prevented them from being as present as they needed to be in the company’s operations. The firm hadn’t grown enough to justify hiring a full-time business development person—what they needed […]

Maximize Potential of High-Value Relationships

The area president of a national business services outsourcing firm was overseeing a rapidly growing division. His personal success, and by extension, the success of his company, hinged upon maintaining strong relationships with referrers, prospective clients, existing clients and the contracted consultants that served them. With an increasing number of consultants and clients under his […]

Build a Stronger Network: Have (More) Meaningful Conversations

With all the noise in marketing these days, the need for more meaningful conversations has become more important than ever. The rise in digital platforms has transformed how we communicate. Anyone can broadcast their thoughts to anyone at any time—even worse, everyone feels a need to. Feeling the pressure to reach customers and weed through […]

Culture: Translating Values into Behaviors

No doubt, you’re hearing a lot about company culture these days. It’s because a well-defined, activated culture helps employers attract top talent in a world where unemployment is low and competition for the best-of-the-best is at an all-time high. A strong culture means the most productive and valuable employees stay on board, while those less […]