Practical Advice for Businesses in Crisis: People Come First


With all that’s currently taking place across the globe, it’s important now more than ever to implement smart, thoughtful strategies in your business to weather the crisis. In this special blog series, Mike Sayre shares his advice for businesses navigating difficult waters. People always come first! Businesses are built and run by people. As a […]

Business Continuity: Strategies for Dealing with COVID-19

The following covers seven areas in your business that will be impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, along with some strategies for mitigating its negative effects. As you read through this article, keep in mind three things: As you consider how you will address a particular scenario, think about whether you need to be proactive or […]

Leadership in the Wild

What do you do when a spitting cobra is blocking your only route back to camp? Civilis CEO, Kim Troy, shares what she learned about facing adversity, resilience, and team leadership through her work with wildlife conservation organizations in Southern Africa. Find the details in episode 121 of the Deep Leadership Podcast with Jon Rennie. […]