How to Build More Resilient Teams

Very little right now is going according to plan. So how can you make sure your team is able to roll with the punches? Civilis CEO, Kim Troy, shares tried and true techniques for building more resilient teams on this episode of Into the Wild.

How to Attract and Engage Top-Notch Talent

Are key positions going unfilled longer than you’d like? Have you lost someone you didn’t want to lose? Civilis CEO, Kim Troy, shares her battle-tested strategies for attracting and retaining talent – even in the most brutal of hiring climates. Click here to listen to this A Life and A Living podcast.

Walking the Talk: Live Those Values

Are you all talk when it comes to company culture? Or do you actually DO what you say you do? To learn how to bring your values to life, check out CEO Kim Troy’s latest interview on the Biz Bros podcast. Listen to the podcast here.

Company Culture: It’s All About Impact

What do stationery, the African bush, and selling sweaters have to do with building a strong company culture? Kim Troy shares her unique journey toward finding purpose on Jet Dental’s The Winning Teams Podcast. Listen to the podcast here.

How To Bring Your Culture To Life

An employee shows that they are as effective as a team leader as they are as a team member. If collaboration is one of your business’s core values, this behavior might be an indicator of a worker that embraces your company’s culture. Civilis Consulting CEO, Kim Troy explores how to recognize and bring to life […]

The Virtual Company: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It was a conscious decision to be a virtual company, and it’s actually a decision that we made long before Civilis came to be.  As serial entrepreneurs, we’ve found lots of ways to make money. But as far as we’re concerned, making a profit is not the only reason to build a company. We’re of […]

Culture: Translating Values into Behaviors

No doubt, you’re hearing a lot about company culture these days. It’s because a well-defined, activated culture helps employers attract top talent in a world where unemployment is low and competition for the best-of-the-best is at an all-time high. A strong culture means the most productive and valuable employees stay on board, while those less […]

Culture: It’s All About the Why

There’s a lot more to it than touting a vision, mission, and values. Building a strong company culture is all about digging deep to understand the underlying motivators that make you persevere day after day. Listen to Civilis CEO, Kim Troy, as she shares her step-by-step guidance for digging into the very core of your […]