Speak Only if It Improves upon the Silence: Reducing Social Media Noise

Are we there yet? Have we – as a culture, a society, a species – finally reached that point where the sheer magnitude of advertising and marketing messages that each of us encounters in a day outpaced our ability to actually process any one of them? And if that is the case, could there actually […]

Find, Organize and Leverage Your Top 100 Business Relationships

If your business is like mine, where a handshake is required to close a deal, you know that building and nurturing 1-to-1 relationships is the biggest key to success—without those relationships, you (and I) simply don’t have a business. One of the most important tools we have in our company is a list of our […]

Outsource—Yes, Outsource Your Business Relationship Building

It’s no secret that the more successful your business, the more relationships you have. And after a certain point, it becomes very difficult to maintain these relationships. There aren’t enough hours in the day for you to stay in personal contact with hundreds or thousands of people. Fortunately, you can leverage advances in technology to […]

The New Marketing Paradigm

New Marketing Paradigm

Today’s digital technology has brought about a sea change in how businesses and prospects interact. Unlike the old days of marketing, where a business was (largely) in control of the way their image was projected to the outside world, today’s marketing paradigm has the consumer in the proverbial driver’s seat. It’s the consumer who now […]