It Takes a Village: Writing for Social Media Marketing

Interactive marketing—especially when using social media platforms—has become a powerful and proven way to engage customers and build relationships that can be converted into sustained, profitable business growth.

The downside of marketing through social media? Just this: Social media channels are hungry critters. They constantly crave inventive, informative, original content—not recycled “filler.”

If you don’t feed them regularly—in some cases, daily—they won’t behave the way you want them to. And you won’t get the results you’re looking for.

In the world of social media marketing, relationships are king, and content is the currency you trade for your prospects’ time and attention.  That’s why the source of your content marketing—you pool of writing talent—is critical to maintaining the steady flow of information that social media demands, and your readers expect.

One writer is not going to be enough

Trying to maintain an effective social media program with a single writer—or two or three—is a strategy for frustration. And burn-out. Imagine a grocery store trying to meet its customers’ needs by relying on the produce of a single farmer. Common sense tells you that strategy won’t work long-term. The same dynamics apply to producing content for social media.

High-quality content is what keeps your readers coming back. How do you keep it flowing? Inevitably, you’re going to need the diversity and depth of a team of writers. Weigh the following factors for keeping your social media content as appealing and as valued as the products or services you’re looking to sell.

Social media demands expertise

Social media is subject-matter intensive. Readers will know immediately whether the writer has deep expertise in the category, and a deep understanding of what the category means to them. And if the writer you’ve relied on walks out the door to join a commune, where will you recruit a replacement? Your writing team should include backups who have already worked in, and written for, your category. Your blog is no place for a writer to “learn” about your product, or your customers.

Social media demands availability

Social media can be a stern task-master. It doesn’t understand—or care—about sick days or vacations or holidays. The writing has to get done and go live regardless of personal issues or scheduling conflicts. That’s why you need to draw from a writing team that can cover any contingency.

Social media demands the right personality for your audience

Every blog post, every tweet, every Facebook exchange should reflect the personality of your brand, and align with the preferred tastes of your readers. All writers come with strengths and weaknesses. Humorous or technical? Straight arrow or controversial? “One size fits all” went out with the Model-T. That’s true for your messages to the marketplace, and for the writers who craft them. You need to be able to draw from a diverse pool of writing styles and personalities to assure that your social media content is right for the moment, and reflects what’s appropriate for your brand and your buyers.

More proven options equal more content marketing success

It’s about finding and maintaining a critical mass in the depth and diversity of the writing pool you rely on. Compromise on the scope of your writing resources, and you’ll limit the return on your online marketing investment.

“Critical mass” is why at Civilis, we maintain a broad network of writers whose diverse talents and experience can provide an on-point match for any social media or messaging need. Our clients don’t have to recruit them. We already have. It’s a business model that makes social media marketing more manageable…and more profitable.

If you’ve got a figurative barn to raise, and would welcome the help of our village, give us a call.



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