How to (Mostly) Rise Above Social Media Algorithms

You’d like to run a simple social media campaign to increase your visibility and attract some new customers. You probably have at least a couple of platforms; Facebook, Twitter, perhaps Instagram—and you want to make sure you’re maximizing your content reach and impact within each. A quick Google search on how to most efficiently use Facebook’s ever-changing social media algorithms stops you short: The results make your head spin. See: 9 Ways to Outsmart the Facebook Algorithm in 2018. And Facebook Is Changing. What Does That Mean for Your News Feed? The list goes on.

So, you immerse yourself in the latest articles and instructional posts to get a sense of how to navigate the labyrinth. Just when you think you’ve learned how Instagram and Twitter choose to display the content of the accounts you follow, you realize you didn’t really have a good understanding of their selection process at all.

Worse still, you’ve wasted precious time.

As a marketer who regularly uses and is intimate with these channels, I can confirm it’s often a full-time job trying to keep up. However, rest easy with the knowledge that we can offer some solace if you’re growing weary of the ever-present need to change your game just to get exposure.

Consider this the end of the indoctrination period you never really needed.

The new age of online marketing

You CAN reach your intended audience and foster the business you’re working hard for, without subscribing to the ever-changing cheats, codes, and secret rules of social media algorithms. It’s simpler than you think:

  • STOP worrying about exposure.
  • START focusing on the real people you’re trying to reach.
  • And accept the fact that those people, the real individuals whose relationships are important to your business, don’t need to be exposed to a generalized broadcast—they just need to hear from YOU.

Investing in your business relationships directly, instead of using intricate and elaborate social media campaigns and automation services, will pay more dividends later on.

This means showing your customer who you are, as genuinely as possible. Even if this comes across as unpolished and informal, it will serve to increase your authenticity and, therefore, trustworthiness.

No one wants to hear from bots.

I think of it as taking the high road. If you think of your marketing like a moral compass, you can trust in the fact that saying and doing what you feel is kind, respectful, and true, will rarely do you wrong.

Now, that’s not to say that just being nice to those people who represent your critical business relationships will get you all the way to your goal.

For that, you need a process.

You might be thinking, “You just said that marketing automation and mass communication aren’t the keys to success.” To that, I would say, “Correct.” But keep in mind that automation and process are not the same.

Digital Marketing: Decoded

It is possible to conduct genuine and systematized one-on-one outreach to the most important people in your universe. In fact, most everyone creates processes for this very purpose all the time—they’re just so ingrained into our daily lives that it’s hard to recognize them as such.

Every time you add a loved one’s birthday to your calendar you’re following a process to help you nurture your relationship with that person.

Side note: Social media has simplified aspects of this for us—but at a cost. Facebook reminds you when it’s someone’s birthday. It even offers pre-made videos you can share in lieu of a card. But don’t these things begin to feel disingenuous and transparent?

I don’t mean to sound old-fashioned, but you know what’s way better than getting a cookie cutter Facebook video on your birthday? Getting a phone call and Chinese takeout.

Don’t go it alone

Next time you find yourself face-palming over the complexities of social media algorithm flux and ad-word optimization, remember that maintaining a steady, true, moral marketing compass will help you navigate those woods.

The even better news: You don’t have to do it alone. We’ve got relationship maintenance and process planning expertise a plenty to offer entrepreneurs, business owners, or mid-sized businesses who’re coming into their own.

So get a hold of us. We’ll show you how we work with individuals and teams to help them better understand their own communication styles, and apply those principles in a harmonious, orderly, driven way.