How To Bring Your Culture To Life

An employee shows that they are as effective as a team leader as they are as a team member. If collaboration is one of your business’s core values, this behavior might be an indicator of a worker that embraces your company’s culture. Civilis Consulting CEO, Kim Troy explores how to recognize and bring to life […]

The Virtual Company: the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

It was a conscious decision to be a virtual company, and it’s actually a decision that we made long before Civilis came to be.  As serial entrepreneurs, we’ve found lots of ways to make money. But as far as we’re concerned, making a profit is not the only reason to build a company. We’re of […]

Relationship-Based Talent Acquisition


Our client, a national financial services wirehouse, tasked its branch managers and executive directors with recruiting financial advisors with robust books of business to their respective branches. The challenges were threefold: First, the people in those roles were already hard-pressed to meet the many operational demands of running a branch. Second, these markets are extremely […]

Repositioning for Talent Acquisition and Retention


Collection agencies have a reputation for toxic culture and high-pressure work environments. Our client, a collection agency with a unique and compassionate approach to collections, was struggling to attract people with the right temperament and values. Posting on digital job boards led to a high volume of unqualifies applicants. HR and hiring managers were overwhelmed […]

Culture: Translating Values into Behaviors

No doubt, you’re hearing a lot about company culture these days. It’s because a well-defined, activated culture helps employers attract top talent in a world where unemployment is low and competition for the best-of-the-best is at an all-time high. A strong culture means the most productive and valuable employees stay on board, while those less […]