Relationship-Based Talent Acquisition

Our client, a national financial services wirehouse, tasked its branch managers and executive directors with recruiting financial advisors with robust books of business to their respective branches. The challenges were threefold: First, the people in those roles were already hard-pressed to meet the many operational demands of running a branch. Second, these markets are extremely competitive. Third, firms and managers must build relationships with potential recruits months (sometimes years) in advance to compel them to move.

We created the Talent Pipeline Programâ„¢, a one-to-one relationship nurturing program in which we systematically identified ideal candidates and conducted outreach to those individuals through digital channels on behalf of executive directors and branch managers across the nation. We provided unique and authentic messaging, outreach tracking, and timely follow-up with potential recruits.

TThis effectively built awareness for our clients, helped them build rapport with key individuals in their market, and laid the groundwork for them to meet with those individuals in person. On average, our efforts enabled each client to recruit 1.5 advisors, each managing an average of $50-100 million in financial assets, within each six-month period of our engagement.



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