Relationships Crucial to Expanding Market

The Founder & CEO of a rapidly growing creative design firm and her partner were the sole drivers of client acquisition for their company. This prevented them from being as present as they needed to be in the company’s operations. The firm hadn’t grown enough to justify hiring a full-time business development person—what they needed was a support system to help them organize, prioritize and capitalize on their important relationships.  

Through our REALationships™ program, we identified the individual relationships—past clients, referrers, connectors and others—that had contributed most to their success. We created systematic, authentic 1-to-1 messages for the Founder and her partner to use to build and maintain rapport with those key individuals. What’s more, we strategically identified individuals who were poised to help them expand into larger, more competitive markets and created unique roadmaps to help them connect with those people.

Within 12 months, our activity rekindled pre-existing and initiated new relationships that allowed our clients to close the three largest deals in their company’s history. Our efforts also enabled them to foster rapport with referrers and potential clients that hadn’t been contacted in years. And, because we performed the administrative aspects of initiating and developing those critical relationships, our clients were able to spend more or their own time on face-to-face activities. Additionally, we built and maintained a CRM system to track their outreach activities.



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