Focused Lead Generation Drives Growth

Our client, a business-to-business solutions provider, relied on organic lead generation to grow the business.  However, with plans to accelerate growth, this would not deliver the results.  Several approaches were tried without the desired outcomes. First a SEO campaign was initiated to jump start leads; it was costly and generated unqualified inquiries which required the team’s follow-up. The next effort was to outsource to a call center and again this was costly and did not generate qualified leads despite the client investing considerable time and resources over time to training the call center team.   

Through a series of discovery sessions, we developed an in-house outbound lead generation team supported by a lead generation module added to an existing a CRM system. The program encompassed job descriptions, interviewing guides, orientation and training materials to ensure the team understand the services they would be selling.  Additionally, a call process, scripts and FAQs were created to navigate the both call and relationship. The team was provided targeted list of pre-qualified leads, consisting of companies with problems we knew the client’s services could solve.

The in-house program allowed the client control and cost was in line with other methods with better results. The firm’s salespeople were able to redirect their time to closing leads rather than following up on unqualified leads. With the implementation of the in-house program the client was regularly getting 20 qualified leads a month and closing two new clients a month delivering the accelerated growth targets.



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