Repositioning for Talent Acquisition and Retention

Collection agencies have a reputation for toxic culture and high-pressure work environments. Our client, a collection agency with a unique and compassionate approach to collections, was struggling to attract people with the right temperament and values. Posting on digital job boards led to a high volume of unqualifies applicants. HR and hiring managers were overwhelmed with screening, and constant understaffing meant that quality team members were over burdened and turnover was high.

We interviewed staff members, supervisors, HR leaders and c-suite execs to identify who the best employees were and why. We learned how ideal employees came to learn about the company, what attracted them, and what they most enjoyed about their roles. We found that the most effective team members had compassion and empathy traits in common. They relished the opportunity to help people improve their lives and get out of debt.

By developing a profile for the ideal employee and creating a separate marketing strategy focused solely on recruitment, we reduced the number of incoming inquiries by 50%, while doubling the number of qualified inquiries. The HR team was able to redirect valuable time toward face-to-face interviewing. Turnover improved drastically, ensuring the best people stayed on board longer. The number of jobs open at any given time was reduced by 75%.