Maximize Potential of High-Value Relationships

The area president of a national business services outsourcing firm was overseeing a rapidly growing division. His personal success, and by extension, the success of his company, hinged upon maintaining strong relationships with referrers, prospective clients, existing clients and the contracted consultants that served them. With an increasing number of consultants and clients under his responsibility, it was becoming difficult to maintain quality relationships with all of these groups.

We analyzed each of these groups of people and, through our REALationships™ program, began to segment and set measurable goals for each relationship type. We facilitated discovery sessions that allowed us to document our client’s communication style and relationship history. Then, we developed a strategic plan to help him build and maintain rapport with each of the key individuals in his universe.

By the end of the first year, our client exceeded his revenue acquisition goal by 20%, and his client retention goal by 50%.



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