Amplify Effective Sales Process

The founder of a commercial building product manufacturer built a company that was successful for many years. However, operating as a single rainmaker, he had reached the limit of the accounts he could service, plateauing growth. Faced with a market opportunity and desire to continue to grow the business, he needed to add salespeople to the team and onboard them to his successful sales process while providing them with needed tools.  

We conducted extensive interviews with the founder to identify the lead generation and sales closing process he had been using. Based on the sessions, we documented the founder’s process including audiences, referral sources, profile of businesses to sell directly, and productive trade shows. We looked for a technology solution that would support the process, fit within the budget, sustain a range of technical mastery for salespeople and maximize time spent in front of clients. Once selected, we configured the system to support the step-by-step lead generation and closing processes, and inputted all available data from the founder’s own historical database. With the data loaded, we built out dashboards and reports that were actionable. Regular training and coaching sessions were launched to get users up to speed on how to use the tool and show what it could do for them.

With a sales process rooted in years of success, the new salespeople were able to hit the ground running, leveraging a tool that supported their work. The founder was able to replicate himself and institutionalize his experience. Quickly the company was exceeding its growth goals by 75%.



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